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Kids love to perform magic tricks, and they truly love them! And that’s why we are going to show you the best 5 magic tricks that children can perform easily!

Best 5 magic tricks that children can perform


There are many magic tricks which are very easy to perform, and therefore, they are great for children to learn. Let’s look at the top 5!

best 5 magic tricks that children can perform

Knot that is not a knot

Perform the trick “knot that is not a knot” is very easy, and therefore, it is perfect for teaching young children. And of course, he could not miss this list of our 5 magic tricks that children can perform.

What will you need? Only a long rope, and a short rope.

  1. First of all tie a short rope to a long with a knot.
  2. Hide the rope in one hand. Straighten one end sliding the knot and hide it in your hand. The knot has disappeared!
  3. To do this trick what you should do is to use ropes that are equal, you can not use ropes that are different because the trick would not work.

magic tricks that children can perform

Take a card

This magic trick is a classic, and it’s so easy that all children can learn. You do not need many things, only a deck of cards and a friend to choose one of them.

The goal is the child guess which card the friend chose. This trick is awesome, and that’s why it is part of the best 5 magic tricks that children can perform.

  1. Open several cards in a fan shape. Ask a friend to choose one and look without saying what it is.
  2. Take half of the pack in the right hand and secretly look at the last card.
  3. Ask your friend to put again the chosen card on the pile in your left hand. It is important to be on the left-hand pile because if not you be rolled up and you won’t know what the card your friend has chosen.
  4. Add the two piles of cards. Begin laying the cards face up, one by one, starting with the top card. The following letter after you have chosen will be the chosen card for your friend.

magic tricks children can perform

Trick of the matchbox

This great trick is one of the best 5 magic tricks that children can perform.

  1. First, take the tray of the wooden matchbox. Cut the base carefully and thoroughly clean the entire edge.
  2. Place the base at half height. Put glue on all sides and let it dry. Do not start the next step until it is not completely dry.
  3. Fill up of matches one side of the box and then turn the box and fill the other side.
  4. When you perform the show in public, cover the lid with your hand so no one can see the other side and take all the matches of one side of the box. The other side of the box has to be full of matches.
  5. Close the box and turn it without anyone noticing. Open the box again and it will be filled with matches!

5 magic tricks kids can perform

Seven Magic Card Trick

This magic trick is very easy and therefore is one of the best 5 magic tricks that children can perform.

  1. Place three cards in a row. Add the second card in all three queues, then a fourth and so on until place the 21 letters. There will be seven cards in each row.
  2. Ask to select a card and see what is the secret. Ask which queue is. Take this line, then the line on your left and place it underneath. Take the line on the right and place it on top. Return to form three rows.
  3. To complete the question now is which row is the letter. Place this line between the other two. Keep the same order, give back to the letters. Starting at the top count eleven and the twelfth is the chosen card.

magic trick kids can perform

Water Trick

This is the last trick of the 5 magic tricks that children can perform. Check how to perform it!

  1. Throw a small coin within the porcelain or plastic container. Tilt it until you can not see the coin from the edge.
  2. Hold the bowl in the same position, so that the coin can not be seen. Throw water slowly into the container and gradually will reappear the coin.
  3. Hold so that you can see the coin. Move the container slowly staring the coin. As you are observing it, it appears that moves up and down in the container.


What are you waiting for? Enjoy this post and teach your little ones our 5 magic tricks that children can perform.

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