We have a surprise for you: Balloon swords tutorial for kids entertainment. It’s great for ensure your kids party success, especially if you have little kids. They love to fight with these balloon swords and I am sure they will have lots of fun. Balloon modelling is one of the best activities for kids parties, birthday parties, or any other event with kids, together with face painting, or a clown show! Well, let’s plan a fantastic kids party? Take a look at our tips and have fun! 

Are you ready for Balloon swords tutorial for kids entertainment? There are some simpler, and other ones more difficult, so let’s see some options and then you just need to try them and choose the best one for you. Make sure you have everything you need to start practising.

Best Balloon swords tutorial for kids entertainment

So, let’s start with the easier one. You will need to buy balloons for the purpose. You can’t do it with the classic ones. Then you must have an air bomb although you don’t need it mandatorily, it makes your job a little bit easier (and faster!). simple Balloon swords tutorial for kids entertainment

  1. Fill the balloon but leave the little tail with about a 5 cm.
  2. At the top, with the mouth of the balloon, you will make the blade of the sword. But first, you will work with the other side.
  3. For the bottom, make a slice with a 24 cm long. It doesn’t need to have an exact measure, just a rough measure.
  4. Then make a much smaller slice, about 6 cm.
  5. With the slice that you twisted before, do a lap around the blade.
  6. Now find the point of twist between this and the lowest, and tie with the little tail.
  7. It’s done! Isn’t it an easy Balloon swords tutorial for kids entertainment?

easy Balloon swords tutorial for kids entertainment

Now, let’s see another one, a little bit more difficult, but nothing from the other world! Check!

  1. Fill the balloon.
  2. Put the bottom inside the balloon and with your fingers hold it at about 5 cm and twist.
  3. About 10 cm, you will go to twist again and then bend to do the same thing for the other side.
  4. Then twist these two slices.
  5. Pick the same measure of the balloon, bend it and twist to the last one you have made.
  6. And it is done! beautiful Balloon swords tutorial for kids entertainment

The last one I have to show to you is the most beautiful balloon sword I have ever seen. Are you ready for this Balloon swords tutorial for kids entertainment? 

  1. Fill the balloon and leave about 5 cm, maybe 7 cm, to the tail.
  2. Measure 2 fingers in the bottom of the balloon and twist. This is our first ball.
  3. Now measure 10 fingers of the balloon, bend it in the middle and twist again.
  4. Now you are going to do more 5 balls like the first one.
  5. Now one more ball, but this one you are going to twist more than the others to hold the other ones.
  6. Hold on the first ball not to break your sword, and then put the rest of the balloon in the middle of the circle you did at step 3.

Aren’t these swords so easy to make? We find it just easy, and everybody can do them by themselves. Did you like our Balloon Swords tutorial for kids entertainment? Hope you have lots of fun and then let us know how it was!

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