Are you looking for Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids? It’s one of the most made questions: How do I entertain kids at a birthday party? Here we are going to show you a few games and activities that you can use to get them moving and having fun. An excellent way to guarantee the entertainment of your kids party is hiring kids’ party entertainers. So, if you want to do it by yourself, take a look at this article. 

 Ideas for Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old KidsBirthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids pinata

Piñata Game:

This is a great idea for Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids. A Piñata is a suspended container, of any shape (FIGS, animals, etc.). The object is filled with gifts like candy or souvenirs. With the help of a stick, the children try to blow the Piñata blindfolded. The Piñata should be fixed height with a rope on the branch of a tree or a post, for example. Standing under the Piñata, the child tries to hit with the stick to bust the Piñata. After Busted, children can collect on the floor all that it contains.Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids treasure hunt

Treasure hunt:

This is a classic game, but it is very stimulating for children from the age of five. Teams are formed to find a hidden treasure at the party. Winners have a prize but do not forget to give a reminder to all. To help them you can always show picture instructions of where to find the next clue.Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids musical chairs

Musical chairs:

Another great idea for Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids! We all know the game of musical chairs, especially children, who are big appreciators of this game. This is a very easy game to organize a birthday party. All that you need is an audio source (CD player, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to play music and chairs that are placed in a circle, facing outward.

Start the game with an equal number of seats to the total number of children under one. Turn on the music and invite the children to walk around the chairs, always in the same direction. When you put the music paused, children must quickly find a chair to sit. Who does not find his chair is eliminated, and another chair is removed from the game. The game ends when only remains a single child.Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids egg relay

Steady Eddy Egg Relay:

Place plastic spoons of two colors in a bowl times the number of guests. Have each child choose a utensil. This determines which team he’ll be on (or you can just use conventional silverware).

Give each team an egg and have kids race one by one to a marked location and back with the egg on the spoon. (If you’re indoors, use a hard boiled egg.) Have a bowl of extra eggs on hand so players can grab an extra one if necessary. First team to finish wins. Isn’t it a great Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids?Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids balloon bust

Balloon Bust:

Possibly the simplest game on earth but it guarantees laughs. Place a small prize in each balloon before inflating. Blow up balloons an hour or so before the party and place in a laundry basket. Let kids pick a balloon and on your count, let kids sit on the balloons to pop it. They can use the floor, chairs, or even the couch, but no hands, just their bottoms!

Did you like our ideas? Just try them all and then tell us how it goes! Do you have any other ideas for Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Old Kids? Let us know!

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