Ideas for birthday party games for kids are needed by mums, dads, nurseries, schools and carers when hosting a party or event for children’s birthdays! Traditional party games are fun but our children’s entertainers offer party game inspiration, including our favourite activities for kiddies’ celebratory events for children of various ages. Enjoy!

We have lots of activities for children’s birthday parties that you can choose. Of course there are the oldies, but goodies (and easy to remember) birthday party games such as:

Pass the parcel:  All the children should sit in a circle and while the music is playing they will pass the parcel to their friend beside them. When the music stops the child holding the parcel should tear the first layer of the parcel. The child that removes the final layer is the winner….and wins the prize enclosed in the parcel!

Musical statues: Play the music for a few seconds and when the music stops the children must stand still – as still as a statue! The person who is still moving is ‘OUT’.


Pin the tail on the Donkey: Place a large picture of a donkey on a wall. The children will all take it in turns to place the donkeys’ tail in the correct place. Each child will be blind folded when it is their turn. The winner will place the tail in the correct place OR very close to it.

‘Duck, Duck, Goose’: All the children should sit in a circle except one, then:

  • The child who is not seated should walk around the circle touching each child’s head calling out ‘Duck’….
  • After a while, without notice, the child will change the name of the animal to ‘Goose’.
  • The ‘Goose’ child has to get up quickly to the child who tapped his/ her head.
  • The child who tapped the heads should run around the circle and try to sit in the empty space.
  • The ‘Goose’ child then becomes the one who walks around the circle saying ‘Duck’ while touching each child’s head.

We’ve selected some more great age appropriate birthday party games for kids to keep them alengaged for hours!

2 – 4 YEARS

Birthday party games for kidsSleepy Lions: All the children should lay down very still pretending to be very sleepy Lions who have eaten too much! They must NOT move. The adult must walk around trying to wake the sleepy lions by trying to talk to them or tickle them (gently). The children who move will assist the adult in trying to wake the other sleepy lions.  There are no winners or losers in this game.

Kiddie Twister: You will need a parachute for this game. Place the parachute on the floor. Have the children stand in a line. The adult will call out a colour. When you call out the colour the children will run toward the colour on the parachute and stand on it. There are no winners or losers in this game.

5 – 7 YEARS

STOP dance: This is a really amusing game for the children! Play some music for a few seconds or a minute. When the music stops 3 children (or more depending on the number of children at the party) will run toward each other and put their bums together! This encourages the children to work in teams and cooperate.

Simon Says: The adult is ‘Simon’ or ‘Sarah’!

  • Birthday party games kidsThe children must follow instructions given by the adult
  • When they say “Simon says…jump like frogs”, “Sarah says…do jumping jacks”.
  • Without notice the adult will give an instruction without saying “Simon or Sarah says’.
  • The child who is tricked by these instructions is ‘OUT’.
  • The children can ONLY follow the instructions when the adult says “Simon/Sarah says”!


Islands and sharks: Place some newspaper on the floor. They must be spaced out – these will be your Caribbean islands! Any area surrounding the islands is water. These waters are shark infested!! The children must pretend to swim/ paddle/ splash in the water UNTIL the adult shouts “SHARK”. When the adult shouts “Shark” all the children should run to an island. Remove the islands one by one.. Any children left swimming in the water because there’s no space on the islands is ‘OUT’.

Game shows: Select a pool of fun questions about pop stars, countries, math equations…and more.

  • Divide the children into two or three teams (depending on the number of kids)
  • Give them team names (Red team, Blue team, Green team).
  • Ask the teams a question and give the children 30 seconds to deliberate among themselves to come up with an answer.
  • The groups must make a funny noise to indicate they have the answer.
  • Each team that gets an answer right is rewarded with 1 point.
  • The group with the most points is are the winners!

Birthday party games for kids London

Those are some birthday party games for kids you can enjoy with children at their special occasion. Traditional party games are fun but our children’s entertainers shared some of their favourite activities for kiddies’ celebratory events for children of various ages. Enjoy!

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