In this post we will show you some Easy Magic Tricks for Kids that will leave the little ones just flabbergasted. It is great for your children’s party entertainment, and I am sure all kids will have lots of fun!  You can also take a look at our Magic Show in London. Your kids will love our magicians. For now, just have a look at some tricks you can do for yourself. 

Some Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

It may seem quite complicated to do magic for the little ones, but it’s quite easy to deceive them and make them think that you are a real magician. Take a look at some easy magic tricks for kids.

easy magic tricks kids Making balls disappear

The great of this trick is that children can be close as you make the number of magic. However, for everything goes well and they do not realize what is happening, you need to practice a lot. So, let’s learn these easy magic tricks for kids.

Make four balls with paper tissues. By making the number, place small plates turned to you and secured with the thumb in public. Place the balls with your fingers so that they are hidden under the plates. Never turn them to the public.

Make appear and disappear water from a magazine

You will need a magazine, a magic wand, a bag of plastic, water and glue. You don’t need many things to make easy magic tricks for kids.

Spread glue on the edges of the plastic bag and then paste an edge in one of the inside pages of the magazine. Close the magazine and press well. Allow to dry.
Now the number of magic is ready to start. Wrap the magazine into a cone shape and place the wand between pages (where is the plastic bag). Move the wand around to open the bag.

Pour half pitcher of water inside the plastic bag. Finally, roll out the magazine and hold it by its top edges. Close it and place it on foot or so water will not fall.
Are you prepared for the eyes of the smallest shine?easy magic tricks for kids London

Great final number of magic

This trick is great to finish your magic show.It is as they say in the circus the grand finale. You will need a volunteer, and it is always better to let the kids even more enchanted.

Do not give to see what you’re doing, or may compromise your entire trick. Your helper should lift before anyone else. Before the show find an old shirt for your volunteer and write with ink “END” in the middle of the back.

Ask your volunteer to sit in a bank. Put yourself behind him to loosen the neck buttons and sleeves and take off your shirt around his neck.
Then say the magic words and cast the shirt up. The shirt shall go out without taking the coat. Finally, give back the shirt for people to see what you have written previously and know that your show is over.

The secret trick: let the shirt on the back of your helper. Button the neck button and the following three buttons. Drop the sleeves over the arms and fists button. He has to wear the jacket with buttons buttoned.

Isn’t it a little magic show just incredible? The little ones will love these little easy magic tricks for kids.

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