It is very important to guarantee the entertainment for Christenings and Communions. It is a special day, and nothing can go wrong. That’s why it is important to hire professionals to ensure your party entertainment. What about a magic show? And what if it would be a clown show? Take a look at some ideas and enjoy your party! 

Ideas for entertainment for Christenings and Communions

There is no doubt that kids love magic shows, and it is always a great option to your Christenings and Communions. As well, clowns are one of the best options to ensure your party entertainment. They will make all of you cry from laughing so hard! entertainment for Christenings and Communions face painting

You can hire some kids’ party entertainers to ensure the entertainment for Christenings and Communions. They usually bring some activities and games that kids love. Let’s see some of them:

  • Face Painting – Kids love those things. Being with their face painted is fantastic, and they are delirious with that. So, don’t worry if they smudge their faces!
  • Balloon Modelling – Well, what we can tell about it? Kids love to run with their balloon swords, puppies, flowers, hearts, and all the other things they get from the artist balloon maker. entertainment for Christenings and Communion balloon modelling
  • Music – Music is always a requirement for all the parties. You can hire a Dj, or you can hire an entire band to your Christening or Communion. It is a fantastic way to put all your guests moving around!
  • Dancing – You can add to your Dj, or Band, a choreographist to put all your guests dancing the latest hits. Especially the little ones will love to dance the choreographies of their favourite music. entertainment for Christening and Communions dancing
  • Kids Games – There are lots of games specially designed for kids. You can plan, for example, the game of “Who’s there?”, or “Music Chairs”. The entertainment for christenings and communions are guaranteed with these.
  • Interactive and fun activities – such as shows, storytelling sessions and so on. You can hire these shows, but you can also plan some drawings. Place beautiful papers on a little table with crayons, paints, brushes, and ask your little guests to do some postcards to offer at the end of your party. Those kids’ drawings are always cute and lovely! Is there another thing better to offer? I don’t think so!

These are just some ideas that you can use to your party. But the important is to use your imagination. Making your party unique is the key to your party success. So, these are our ideas for entertainment for Christenings and Communions. Do you have any others? Let us know!

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