Looking for fun things to do with kids at home?  When we are at home with children during the holidays or weekends, our imagination might just turn off, and we will end up doing the same things we always do, but it does not need to be that way. There are plenty of things you can do with your kids, lots of fun and even educational activities. Here are some tips below.

Some fun things to do with kids at home

Usually, we need fun things to do with kids at home for them not to be bored and upset. There are some things that you can do without spending loads of money. Pay attention to these easy-to-do activities.

  • fun things to do with kids homeTreasure Hunt – Have you already thought about transforming your house in a real trail for a treasure hunt? Well, if you didn’t think of it before it’s time to think now and put it in practice. Adventure is fun, mainly for kids. Try to hide some sweets in the rooms and leave clues on the way for your kid. This will be guaranteed fun. The real fun things to do with kids at home!
  • Camping – Do you have tents? Don’t you think it’s a waste that they are kept in the closet? Take them out and make a real camp site in your living room. Tent, sleeping bags, flashlights and a decent lunch for a real adventure. You will not regret it, and the kids will love it!
  • Story Maker – In this game the adult gives a theme for the story and starts it up. The kids continue telling the story one by one by adding a phrase each. (It can be done with poetry too!)

More fun things to do with kids at home

  • Who’s there? – In this game, the child imitates a job with the hands and the body, without sound. The other children in the game or the adults have to guess it.
  • Bake some cookies – This is one of the best  fun things to do with kids at home, mainly if it’s cold! Try to keep the oven switched on and keep your kitchen warm. All together doing these cookies will end with all of you with chocolate from hair to toes.fun things to do kids at home
  • Theater – Do you like arts? Try to do some theater plays. There are a lot of books that can be represented. You can dress yourself and transform your living room in an authentic amphitheater. You can also build puppets with your child. Use old socks, buttons, wool yarn and glue and make some unique puppets to tell the story you want. After you make them, prepare the house of the puppets for the show to be complete! A great day!
  • some fun things to do with kids at homeBuild musical instruments with rubbish – Go to your rubbish bin and select some ingredients: plastic bags, bottles, yogurt, cans and use them to build real percussion instruments. Then you can play your favourite songs and form your family band!
  • Karaoke – Go to youtube and choose some karaoke videos with the songs you most like and be a real artist. Sing together and you will have a great time!

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As you saw, you have a lot of fun things to do with kids at home. Enjoy it!


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