Are you looking for  Funny ideas for Halloween costumes? Check this post and get some great ideas for your Halloween costumes. You will have a lot of fun, I can assure you! If you are planning a Halloween party, then have a look at some great entertainers to make your party amazing! You can hire some magicians, clowns, face painters and balloon modellers to make your party just unforgettable. Is not it awesome? So, now let’s have a look at some funny ideas that you can enjoy for your Halloween costumes. 

Halloween is almost here, so we decided to offer you some Funny ideas for Halloween costumes. Whether children and adults look for costumes that are different and unique.

Sometimes the ideas fail us, either because we are accustomed to the usual ghosts and vampires, or because we fail to think “outside the box”.

However, we know that the success of a fantasy is precisely in the fact we don’t find two alike! So take a look at our selection of Funny ideas for Halloween costumes and be truly unique this year!

Best Funny ideas for Halloween costumes


On Halloween, we find many people costumed by ghosts, vampires, zombies, and things like that. But why not look for something fun and scary, but that no one is using? Here are some ideas!

best Funny ideas for Halloween costumes


What? Pumpkin Man? That’s right! Why not take pumpkins to dress with them? With a big pumpkin make a helmet. Then, with smaller pumpkins, make some sleeves, pants, and with two small pumpkins make a brassiere.

Is not it a simply brilliant idea? Try and make a huge success this year!


If you want to make a huge success this Halloween, in fact, there is no better idea than to dress like the toy soldier. Buy a soldier costume, a shotgun to play, and a piece of plastic or wood, to make the base.

Paint it green. Also, paint your face and hands of the same color. Dress up the painted clothing (after being dried, of course!), hold your feet to the base (you can use a string or elastic also painted with green color), and then just stand in the doorway of your home to receive the praise!

There is no doubt that this is one of the best Funny ideas for Halloween costumes!

Funny ideas Halloween costumes


And why not take some ideas of characters? Walter White is a great idea for Halloween. Almost no one would remember to use this costume, so it is an excellent choice for those looking for a different costume.

Paint a mustache and beard, as the character, put some glasses, and buy an accessory to make a bald (you can find this accessory in disguises stores).

Buy a yellow suit (those similar to those used by exterminators). Buy also a mask for toxic products, using it hanging from the neck.

You will be ready to rock this Halloween!

Now you are ready to have a lot of fun this Halloween. What do you think about our Funny ideas for Halloween costumes? Let us know! 

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