We at AEIOU Kids Club will give you some ideas on How to do Halloween Face Painting for Kids, now that this scary season is back. Children love trick or treating and dressing up for Halloween themed parties, why not make it special and gather together as a family for a fun and enjoyable face painting scary session! You can also check out our Halloween entertainers for kids!

Face Painting for Kids

There are many different brands of face painting for kids out in the market. From organic face painting to famous affordable brands that can be bought online and delivered to your own door. Bear in mind the designs you want to make and choose the colours (that’s what our kids entertainers do)! Follow these simple steps:

Children Face Painting1) Practice and decide: Go over different options and decide the design each of you wants, so you can buy the right colours. Practice your design on a piece of paper!

2) Make it easy! : Don’t try complicated designs for the first time, using a few colours and easy traces will make you a master soon enough!

3)Careful when you mix…: Remember your primary school colour combination class! If you mix some colours by mistake, you might end up looking like something completely different than what you wanted!

4) Have Fun! : Enjoy the fun of painting and being painted! Everything is better if done as a team. You can also call one of our clowns for hire to do it for you!

How to do Halloween Face Painting

You can follow this simple steps on how to do Halloween Face painting for kids. Some of the most famous Halloween characters are the easiest to paint. Let’s start with some of these:

Face painting HalloweenFranky:

1. Apply Green over the whole face, so it stays clean and plain.

2. Take your black paint and mark thick eyebrows, straight lined hair, and screws  on each side of the head.

3. You can highlight expression lines on forehead and under the eyes with a little black, brown and purple.

Evil Pumpkin

1. Go wild with orange over the face

2. Mark the green on the forehead with a couple of leaves

3. Use black or gray to outline the triangle eyes, hole in the nose and the slices of pumpkin.

4. Finally, with black or white, do the mouth and teeth as scary as you want!

Pumpking Face Painting for kids

Find out more of these ideas on our websites in Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. Remember that it is not only to know how to do Halloween face painting for kids, it is also having fun all together! Enjoy your Halloween parties with one of our AEIOU parties entertainers for hire!

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