If you are looking for a great ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in London you are in the right place. We are going to give lots of ideas about children’s party entertainment and you can also see our offers to make your wedding just perfect with fantastic activities. This could be in London or even anywhere. When it comes to a wedding party every parent asks themselves how they are going to entertain their kid. We give nine examples for you to make it just great! 

9 ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in London

Let’s see what you can do to make your wedding just great and how to keep your kids entertain during the reception. Take a look at our ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in London!  ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in London painting

Make art and have a table with crayons, lots of them with many different colors, let´s draw and paint and make anything they want with it. Are there any other ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in London funnierideas to entertain kids at a wedding

Lay a Butter paper on the table, it´s drastically more fun than a cloth because kids will be able to draw anywhere they like and fill the Table paper with crayon designs.ideas to entertain kids wedding

Let’s see more great ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in London. Download from internet, Kids wedding placemats, they can color themes of the wedding of elephants for example and so on….ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in london animals

Let´s put a sketch book and pencil crayons like we did with the table. Give one to each child. Put an activity book, to paint or even draw letters and animals. Put a sticker book and farm and animals’ stickers. Don´t mind about obsessions for princesses and superheroes, let´s have something different at your wedding party, it can be not what they use to play with.kids entertainment at a wedding in london

Give to each kid a pocket-sized Etch-a-sketch, they can still draw or write, rub them and still draw and write. This isn´t too expensive.  And let´s share something fun with your little guests!ideas to entertain children at a wedding party in london

Place a tent just only for kids. It can be put in the garden or beside the tables just a little bit away from you, they will love to enter inside and sit. Create a village with more than one tent, and let your children play. In the middle of the tents, you can have avenues, gardens serve pizza, play as it was really a little community of children city. One of the best ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in London!ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in london entertaiterns

Hire kids’ entertainers, in any case, they can always pay attention for the ones that can´t be alone, and need an adult near. They can always help you taking care of your kid with games and fun activities.ideas to entertain kids in weddings at london

Give to the kids disposable cameras and let them play “ I Spy”, so they can take photos around, and collect images from the wedding and guests and objects around. Make a list of things they can collect and take, and at the end, show the work to adults and lets them share their humorous work with you.

A photo book! Give kids lots of fun fancies to make your party really amusing. glasses, hats, mustaches, bow ties, and so on.

I hope with this fantastic tips and ideas your wedding be unforgettable. If you have any suggestion just let us know! Give us your ideas to entertain kids at a wedding in London!

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