Minion Themed Kids Parties in London can be a great choice for your upcoming party! Do you want to know how to plan it? We are going to tell you everything! I am sure that following our ideas and tips your party will be a huge success! We all know that kids love themed parties, and the minion theme, along with Frozen theme,  is the most popular among the kids. But you have any other themes that kids love too, such as Princess parties and pirate parties. If you want to make your party just amazing, don’t forget to hire children’s party entertainers. They have lots of great activities to bring to your home! 

Now, let’s talk about Minion Themed Kids Parties in London! So you can give an unforgettable party, we have selected the best ideas for you! Are you curious to know them? I will not extend more. Let’s see everything you need to get a memorable party!


Minion Themed Kids Parties in London: Make it Great! 


Choosing a theme for a children’s party can be the first big challenge, but if you chose the Minions, then know that you nailed it. Kids love these characters!

But how to organize Minion Themed Kids Parties in London? Let’s see!

Ideas for Minion Themed Kids Parties in London


The first step to organising an astounding party is the choice of invitations. They should follow the theme so that children know at the outset that it is a party that will focus the Minions.

You can find several personalized invitations in stores for parties, but if you want you can also find at your disposal on the Internet invitations, which you only need to print and then fill it with the details of your party.

To make things even more fun, add on the envelope some small objects related to the minions, such as stickers.

Minion Themed Kids Parties decoration


Regardless you give your Minion Themed Kids Parties in London at home or in a hall for parties, it is important to define its main colours such as blue and yellow.

Choose one as the base, and another as an auxiliary, or half and a half. If you do not have a standard, you can leave your decoration messy.

Try, for example, selecting half and a half, as half of the tables blue and  that other half yellow , two colours souvenirs, or just everything in yellow with blue details.Minion Themed Kids Party

Remember that today is not fashionable a party decorated with many things. They are called the clean parties. So, put a few objects, but well selected.

In the cake table, you do not need more than a good cake design, as well as some objects on the side. The colours are to the wall accessories, many balls, and souvenirs.Minion Themed Kids Party in London

You can put on the walls the characters in totems or banners, or you can choose to cover with two-colour fabrics.

Also, buy party supplies already decorated with the theme. As for food, rather than decorate the sweets, try to put in baskets, but these decorated in yellow or blue, or with the characters of the Minions.

Finally, use your imagination and remember simple things can be more beautiful than very sophisticated things. When we talk about children’s parties, less is more! Do not forget to give party favors at the end of your party! Did you like our ideas for Minion Themed Kids Parties in London? Have fun!

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