Did you hear about Nicole Richie best birthday party? Lots of glamour, luxury and family around her. Her then-best friend Paris Hilton is on the top of the list when we talk about people who are famous just because but Nicole Richie isn’t less than Paris. Take a look at this post and check her best birthday party ever! If she isn’t a princess, she could pass by a real one!  And what is a princess without a prince ? Nicole counted on her husband to help her make her dream party come true,  along with their beautiful kids who are always there to help get Nicole Richie best birthday party started!

Nicole Richie best birthday party: Make it shine! Nicole Richie best birthday party shine

And we,  common mortals want that luxury in our parties as well,  don’t we?  Well we shall have it then! Now you ask,  how if we are not as rich and wealth as they are?  Don’t worry about it,  with imagination and power of will it is possible!

First of all,  you will need to know where you are giving the party.  I would recommend outdoors because people love to drink champagne while the sun warms up their checks, and the wind flows through their hair.

After that being set,  make and send the invitations.  Be careful who you invite,  it can ruin your Nicole Richie best birthday party!

Next are going to choose what food and drinks will be in your table. Then,  we start to worry about decorating the party.Nicole Richie best birthday party invitation

This is where you stress out! But no more, we are here to guide you through the best party ever! Choose a theme,  done?  Perfect!  Now focus on the colours of the theme and buy accordingly. Take advantage of discounts to buy everything you need.

As for food and drinks keep it simple,  Nicole herself isn’t too fancy so you don’t need to go over the fence to give a Nicole Richie best birthday party. 

Remember when we mentioned Nicole’s kids earlier? Great because they were the life of the party!  Dressed up to shine,  so will your kids!  Don’t worry about getting their glamorous clothes dirty, just give them a catwalk and a stage and let them be the highlight!

If you want to give a professional party you have a chance for it now. AEIOU Kids Club can offer you some great Kids Parties in London  with professional children’s party entertainers to make your day just amazing!

Get luxury and glamour to your party, bring shine to your home and put glittery on it. I am sure your guests will never forget about this day! Have fun and give a Nicole Richie best birthday party!

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