Thinking about the best Snacks and treats for kids birthdays? In this post, you will find some great ideas for your birthday parties. But if you don’t want to worry about snacks and treats, you can hire party catering for kids parties. I am sure your little ones will love! You can also hire kids party entertainers to your birthday parties, such as clowns, magicians, face painters, and you can offer your children balloon modelling too! Now, check our ideas for your party snacks and treats. Hope you enjoy! 

As we always try to put children’s health first, we will give you super healthy ideas for snacks and treats for kids birthdays.

Do you think it will be difficult? Not at all! The idea is to abuse of fruits, cut the sweet and bet on vegetables and sandwiches to replace the finger food.snacks treats for kids birthdays

Remember that healthy eating is a habit that must be present always, even at parties. And our job is to teach it to children, and show them that healthy food can be fun too!

Snacks and treats for kids birthdays Ideas


Obviously that you can include the usual foods to your menu along with healthy snacks and treats for kids birthdays.

After all, it is the parents who decide what their children eat, and you can offer your guests what they are accustomed to eating.

But it’s always a good idea to show that there is a healthy option, and equally tasty and attractive.

snacks treats kids birthdays

Fruit with Yoghurt:

Cut fruit in the shape of heart, star, or any other shape, and make a skewer. Place on a plate and accompany with a glass of yoghurt.

If you wish, you can offer these skewers as souvenirs, sealed in plastic bags. It will be a charm!


Bet on sandwiches. You can do in different ways, and you can even match the party theme. Choose wholemeal bread, preferably, and pay attention to the fillings.

Opt for simple salads, chicken, ricotta cream, tuna, dried tomatoes paté, and so on.

Salted skewer:

Check these great snacks and treats for kids birthdays. You can, for example, make a skewer with 2 types of bread, 2 vegetables and cheese. You can replace the turkey breast or ham for another piece of cheese.

Or make a skewer with cherry tomato and cheese. Acceptance is general!

snacks and treats for kids birthday parties


Fruits are excellent to make a very colourful table, in addition to being a success among children. You just need to know how to serve.

Do faces, you can relate the fruits with the party theme, make skewers of cut fruits with different shapes, you can make individual cups of fruit, or fruit salads served in ice cream cones.

Vegetables with paté:

Just like the fruit, we can make sticks of raw or cooked vegetables and put to the side patés. The kids will love, and will still get them to try new foods.

best snacks and treats for kids birthdays

Snacks and cookies:

Flour, whole, popcorn, homemade biscuits are also excellent choices to help in variety.


I am sure all your little guests will love our snacks and treats for kids birthdays. 

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