Sports parties for kids in London are just great! As you know, you can give numerous types of kids parties in London, and you can hire several party services to make your party even greater, such as kids party entertainers, clowns, magicians, and they can bring to your party lots of fun activities included in wonderful party entertainment packages. To give a sports party they can be very helpful, organizing competitions and challenges, so your party become truly amazing! Check some ideas! 

The sports parties can be truly fun! All children love to play with each other and know that your home decoration and your food decoration becomes beautiful and super fun. Here are some ideas for your Sports parties for kids in London!

Sports parties for kids in London: Great Ideas

Sports parties for kids in London ideas

Independently of your child’s age, the sports parties are always a good option either for boys and girls. And you can do amazing things. Follow some ideas!



Make invitations with sports event tickets formats. You can draw the shape of a ticket in cardboard and cut out. Write as if it were a game, set the location, date, and time of the party. You can also put some additional information, like asking to come dressed with sports equipment.

Sports parties for children in London


To make your sports parties for kids in London decoration, hang sports streamers in the house. You can use a string to intertwine streamers and make a sports banner. For this, use card, draw footballs, basketball or baseball and cut them. Paint them and make a hole in each one and then hang from the ceiling. Also, hang posters of sports teams, t-shirts and caps.


You can serve food that found at sports events, as well as foods that usually are done in children’s parties.
You can make pizza slices, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, peanuts, chips, popcorn, and fried chicken.

Buy bags to put peanuts and also some boxes which serve popcorn. You can also turn a football helmet down to put the chips .

You can also decorate the party cake to look like a field, put miniature players, or can even make in a ball shape.

Sport parties for children in London


There are several games and activities to do on sports parties for kids in London. You can, for example, entertain guests by putting a basketball hoop in the garden and you can make a championship pitches.

You can also think of some activities related to the sport you have chosen for your party. Put movies on television with the sports theme (there are quite a few, so feel free to choose one). You can also place the recording of a game of the national team.

You can organize the game of musical chairs, or other traditional games such as bags racing. Be the judge of activities and use a whistle to mark the beginning and end of each game.

Did you like our ideas? Your party can be just great if you add it some kids party entertainers. They can be the soul of your party, I can assure you! If you have any other ideas to sports parties for kids in London, just tell us!

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