What about Storytelling sessions for babies and toddlers for your party entertainment? They are great for 1st birthday parties, and for toddlers too! You can get them hiring AEIOU children’s party entertainers, and you can also hire clowns, magicians, or even a bubble party. However, you certainly need to include a storytelling session in your baby’s party. It is the perfect option for little kids, and there is no other activity better than this one. Have a look and find what you can get. 

Don’t you know what to do in your baby’s 1st birthday party? I have the answer for you: Storytelling Sessions for babies and toddlers. I am sure your baby will love to hear an enchanted story, and there is nothing better than princesses or princes stories.

Storytelling Sessions for babies and toddlers: The best option! 


When you hire kids party entertainers, you won’t need to worry about it because they know exactly which stories kids like, and I can assure you they will!

But if you want to tell a story to your little guests, you have some options. For example, if your baby love to watch the snow white movie, then it is an excellent option to tell this story.

Disney stories are great for Storytelling Sessions for babies and toddlers. Usually, kids love these stories, but you need to pay attention to the story you will choose. best Storytelling Sessions for babies and toddlers

There are some stories that can hurt susceptibilities. What you can do is remove some of the most violent parts of the stories, such as the part where the mother of Bambi dies in a fire, or when Shaq kills the monster.

You can also create one. Kids love beautiful stories, so never tell a story including monsters. You can create a story of little kids and their adventures on the first day of school, or you can create a beautiful love story.

You can add a puppet show to your Storytelling Sessions for babies and toddlers. It’s a great way to tell a story, and the children love to see the puppets speaking. This makes the imagination of children travelling and also instils them a taste for theatre and arts in general.

You can also try an interactive story, leaving the children create part of the story, or direct the course of the story.

Of course, this requires a bit more talent, so hiring someone professional and experience can be an asset. After all, it is a very important date for your child and for you too.1st birthday parties storytelling

This way, you can pay more attention to other details as welcome guests, talk to them, take pictures, make a video, handle the food, among many other things that are associated with children’s parties. And let’s face it, they are not so few things!

So if you want your party to be a success, and that it is in memory of all the guests, hiring a storytelling session is not a bad idea!

Contact AEIOU Kids Club and talk to the responsible people. They will tell you the best options for you, and together you will be able to make an unforgettable party including Storytelling Sessions for babies and toddlers.

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