School is now beginning, so there is nothing better than a back to school party, right? Check our Tips for the best back to school party. With us your party will be awesome. Also come and meet our great children’s party entertainers to make your party unforgettable. A new school year is just right there, and there is nothing better than a back-to-school party. Here we will leave you the best Tips for the best back to school party. Feel free to use our ideas!

Great Tips for the best back to school party

It’s not easy to prepare a whole party alone, much more so when it’s a back-to-school party. That is why we have decided to write this article to make your life a little easier. Write down our Tips for the best back to school party. You’ll rock!


What can refer more to school than a blackboard? Nothing! So let’s include it in our decoration. Put a blackboard as a background, and use the same tip for the towel you will put on the cake table. You can also include custom flags with alphabet cards.

At the dessert table put apple-shaped biscuits, apple cake, and toffe apples, using pencils like sticks.

In the cake cart, and trays where the food is served, place small blackboards, where you write the name of the appetizers, and why not, decorate with some stacked books?

Cake Pops

One of the fashions that came to stay at the children’s parties are the cake pops. They can not miss. Place little bookworms in the cake pops.

tips for the best back to school party cake


The cake is the great host of any party, and so should be thought out in detail. How about keeping the tradition and serving a splendidly decorated apple cake? Use your imagination to decorate the cake. You can make a blackboard, or use it as a book holder. You are free to choose the design you like the most.

Mini Cakes

You can make cakes, and mini cakes, of almost all designs and shapes. Why not make crayons-shaped mini cakes? Another idea is to decorate the cupcakes with caterpillars (those where kids learn to add and subtract).

best Tips for the best back to school party


A party without play and without animation is not a party. So this item could not be missing in our Tips for the best back to school party.

Playing games that go back to school is ideal. Prepare games where numbers and letters are the main characters.

You can, for example, make a bag race where the kids jump at every question they hit. Of course the questions should address school issues. They can be math accounts, or ask to spell words, or give synonyms.

Another interesting game is a school version of trivial pursuit. Make cards with questions from history, science, math, English, or other subjects.

To ensure a great return to school, why not hiring professionals to ensure entertaiment? Face Painters, Clowns, Magicians. They can truly make your party unforgettable. Hope you like our tips for the best back to school party.

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